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Top 8 Gifts that New Moms will appreci-eight!

A new baby is an exciting occasion, but picking a gift for new Moms can be challenging. The last time you sent a baby gift, the new Mom accepted your gift graciously. Somehow though, you had this niggling thought that the pink and black fuzzy baby pj’s are gonna find themselves back on the store’s shelf right where you found them. You realized that the gift you gave her wasn’t quite what she had in mind.

Perfect Gifts for New Moms

Next time you’d get the perfect gift that ANY new Mom is bound to appreciate. 

Stunning baby gifts for new Moms delivered in Israel from My Chocolate Place

Well, here you are again!  The quest for the perfect new mom gift has begun, and this list was created just for you, from an expert in the gift business.

No more scratching your head, uncertain of how to send the new Mom your love and well-wishes. Your gift criteria checklist gets a check with each of these gift ideas:

  •  Something beautiful
  • Perhaps practical
  • Something the new Mom and baby will appreciate. 

Check, check, CHECK!

Need a baby gift in Israel?

Some of these ideas would be great if the Mom and baby lived nearby, but when the new Mom you’re gifting lives abroad- in ISRAEL to be exact - you checklist looks somewhat different:

  •  Browse selection of baby gifts online
  •  Customer friendly
  •  English speaking
  •  Quick and efficient delivery to Israel
  •  Stock beautiful products a new Mom would appreciate.

Check, check and CHECK AGAIN! 

Eight Gifts for New Moms and Babies

Well, here is our list! It includes numerous ideas that can be ordered and delivered beautifully packaged to the new Mom in Israel. These terrific ideas were made in mind for all sorts of budgets (bear in mind that the links included are shipped to Israel, but the ideas are universal.)

Baby gift in Israel - fluffy white towel with hood and box of Belgian chocolates from My Chocolate Place

Cuddly White Hooded Towel


It’s bath time! This Cuddly white terry hooded towel (duck) with gray trim is a gift any new Mom would love to receive! With the baby all squeaky clean, the baby feels loved and nurtured with the hooded towel wrapping him tight, and that shining soft face asking for kisses. And once the baby is sound asleep, there’s a heart-shaped box full of delectable dairy Belgian pralines for Mom to enjoy. A well-deserved treat!

Baby gift in Israel pink teddy bear with night light and pillow, from My Chocolate Place
Baby gift in Israel blue teddy bear with night light and pillow, from My Chocolate Place

Homey Night Light Teddy

Picture this: A tinkling melody plays gently as a sweet baby sleeps all cuddled and cozy. The charming musical night-light teddy casts a warm glow on the room.  The mother’s heart is filled with love and joy as she gazes at her baby’s peaceful sleeping form, once again thanking you for this practical and beautiful gift. 

Everyone loves flowers and chocolates! This stunning gift is delivered in Israel by My Chocolate Place

Gift for the New Mom in a hospital

Everybody loves flowers! The tired, but happy Mother is lying in a hospital bed with drab, dreary walls and bulky furniture all around her. This beautiful gift for a new Mom will brighten up the room with its vibrant, brilliant colors. The presentation of the green hydrangeas compliment the plume of purple plum-colored orchids (say that 10x fast!). Best of all, these real-looking flowers are silk, which means you’ve just given a gift that lasts a lifetime...and who can resist a beautiful vase...and chocolate?!!!

Baby gift - plastic lined velvety pouch containing essentials, delivered in Israel from My Chocolate Place

Gifts for the baby and Mom

Who wouldn’t love this plastic lined velvety pouch containing essentials for a newborn? You can just see that little munchkin all dressed up with the little hat, booties, mittens, and terry bib. This package comes with a heart-shaped box of twelve dairy Belgian pralines for the new mom to enjoy. Get ready for the cutest little bundle on the block!

Diaper cake for new baby gift

DIY too-cute-to-be-practical diaper cake

The need for diapers may be overrated, but they are SO necessary. Here’s one big giant diaper CAKE that any new Mom will adore!

 *Keep in mind that this is an on-site project for a nearby Mom.

You will need:

  •  Close to 90 diapers size 1-2
  • Assorted sized rubber bands
  • Ribbon to decorate your cake

Roll each diaper up, starting at the open end, and secure it around the middle with a rubber band. Do this to all the diapers. Line them standing up to form a circle. Secure the circle with a rubber band. Add another outer ring and secure with a rubber band. Form the next layer up the same way, making it smaller than the bottom to give the double-layered cake feel.  

When you’ve completed your cake, decorate with ribbon around the middle of each layer to cover up the rubber bands. Add any other baby decor you’d like, and “garnish” with an elegant box of chocolates  to complete the look...after all, who doesn’t love a box of chocolate for quick recovery? 

Delicious box of chocolates for any occasion from My Chocolate Place

Watch the tutorial at:

Practical and stunning baby gift - a hanging storage bag, delivered in Israel by My Chocolate Place

Precious Hanging Storage Bag

Babies sure come with a whole lot of paraphernalia! This sweet, precious storage bag is an adorable fix, and super helpful in keeping all the essentials organized. It hangs from the side of the crib, and comes with 5 pockets:

  • Before you go on a manhunt for the elusive pacifier, check for the spare one you’ve stashed in the pocket of this storage bag!
  • Fumbling around for diapers and wipes at the 3am diaper change are a thing of the past! 
  • Another pocket for baby hats, toys, bibs, you name it!

This gift is so incredibly helpful and practical- the new Mom will be forever thanking you! 

The Gift of a Bubbly Bath

This Gift is DIY and can be shipped abroad. Alternatively, it can be hand-delivered to a worn-out Mom that knows this is just the thing to put the spring back in her step. 

When baby comes into the picture, Mom's life is turned upside down and inside out. She's feeding, burping, changing, rocking, cleaning, bathing and checking on the baby 28 hours a day (or so it seems!) and often doesn't seem to have time to think about herself at all.

This gift will surely fix that!

This loving package will remind Mom to take a break - let Dad hold the baby, Mom's having a pamper session in the bath! What Mom wouldn’t want a care package with all the things to make her feel pampered, special, and loved?  Head over to your local Bed Bath and Beyond, TJ Maxx or any store with bath products and a basket. Choose a color scheme that you know the new Mom loves best. Fill your basket with bubble bath soap, shampoos, and even a scented candle of that color. Find matching hand and body towels and arrange them neatly in the basket. Find a big flower or two to bring it all together and place it in front of the arrangement. Tie with a GIANT ribbon and feel proud of yourself!

Great baby gift idea - a musical baby bear, delivered with chocolates in Israel by My Chocolate Place

Musical Baby Bear

How about a plush musical teddy bear?  The gentle tinkling music never fails to calm a baby down, and the plush toy is so soft, Mom will find herself stroking it as she rocks her baby to sleep. And of course, once the baby is asleep, it’s chocolate time!

So, which baby gifts to Israel did you like best?

Any of these terrific choices will leave you with a smile and put you at ease, knowing that you’ve gotten the perfect present. Your recipient will be thanking you and you’ll smile with that satisfied feeling that you know you chose the best!

Oh, and if you’re going to be a new Mom soon - forward this blog post to your friends and family so you’ll know that you’ll have some good gifts to look forward to...